ARTC Hair Restoration Program

Everyone appreciates a full head of healthy hair. Unfortunately, there are many things that interfere with and damage the hair follicles as we age leading to hair thinning and loss in most people. There are all kinds of nutritional supplements and a few medications designed to help, but most people are not satisfied with the results. The same applies to the results from various hair transplant procedures. Letís face it, if you donít change the underlying physiology that led to hair loss, relocating more follicles to the area that the previous ones died isnít likely to turn out very well in the long term. Weíve pulled together the latest innovations and technologies to assist with hair follicle regeneration to help provide a solid long-term solution.

The 4Ms

All of HEALTH, Chronic Health Challenges, and Healing can be boiled down to the 4Ms: The Microcirculation delivers oxygen & ALL Nutrients to the cells & the Mitochondria. The Mitochondria make almost ALL the Energy needed to run our Metabolism. The Metabolism CONTROLS ALL Life Processes. The Muscles are our primary Metabolic Reserve; Muscles are our primary drivers that build & preserve the Microcirculation & Mitochondria!
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