Peripheral Neuropathy Mini Lessons

Educational Email Series on the reversal of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Mini Lesson 7: Our Unique Program to Reverse Neuropathy

Our Approach and Why it Works so Well

Healing is dependent on ENERGY!
News Flash! All chronic disease processes are related to damage to our MITOCHONDRIA. Mitochondria are tiny organelles inside of our cells that produce 95+% of all the energy required for our cells to function properly.

This is well-established, yet little known. It represents a major shift in understanding health and disease, unfortunately such shifts can take a generation or more before the majority of the scientific and medical communities fully adopt it. Most are still chasing the 'germ theory ' or 'genetic origin' of disease, both have been largely disproven, but old theories die hard.

Our approach incorporates science that has been developed and proven to work over the past 20+ years. But, most of these developments do not fit into the current 'Big Pharma-controlled Medical & Economic model.'

ARTC combine Light Therapy, Electrical Frequency Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Exercise, Diet and Nutritional interventions to stimulate specific tissues to heal & regenerate, while supporting that regenerative process. In other words, your body heals itself, we just give it what it needs. Each component is well-documented to contribute to the healing and regenerative process.

One of the underlying goals and functions of our approach is to support the mitochondria in their role of making energy that fuels all cellular processes. There are many components that contribute, one of the biggest is to help improve and restore the microcirculation by opening and resetting the tiny muscles that control the diameter of the capillaries.

Here's a brief overview of the benefits associated with the major interventions. When they are combined, there is a synergistic effect so there are even more benefits.

Red Light TherapyLight Therapy is supported by over 5,000 studies, it has been documented to Boost & Enhance the following:
  1. Circulation
  2. Oxygenation
  3. Mitochondrial Energy production
  4. Nitric Oxide release
  5. Cellular membrane transport
  6. Cellular Rejuvenation & Regeneration
  7. Protein & Collage synthesis
  8. Mobilization of stored fat so it can be burned
  9. AND Stimulate the formation of new blood vessels, this is called Angiogenesis
The primary light therapy device we use and recommend for home use was the first LED light device approved by the FDA to increase circulation and relieve pain. There are 25 published studies on its effectiveness since 1999.
Specialized Electrical Frequency Therapy in various forms has been a mainstay of medical care for over 125 years. It is safe to assume that we ve learned a thing or two about how to use it properly over that time. Like any tool, it can be used properly and productively or it can be misused. Specifically, the electrical frequency therapy we utilize has been documented to support the restoration of damaged nerve tissue as opposed to just blocking the pain pathways. The system we utilize is FDA cleared for nerve pain. Its microprocessor automatically measures several nerve functions and adjusts itself to a given patient s specific therapeutic needs.
Oxygen Therapy is another mainstay of medical care for over 100 years, we ve also learned quite a bit about how to use it most effectively (that is if you re paying attention to the research). There is extensive research that documents a specific way to utilize high flow rate oxygen along with appropriate exercise stimulation to produce beneficial effects that are simply not possible without the combination. The net effect after the appropriate number of sessions is to both open and 'reset' one's microcirculation to more youthful levels.

Personalized nutrition
Nutrition! Amazingly, proper nutritional guidance, dietary practices, and appropriate nutritional supplementation get very little attention from the conventional medical community. Once again, it doesn t fit the Big Pharma controlled medical model. It is, however, a KEY component of our Regenerative Model. Our bodies NEED the right nutrients to be available 24/7 for there to be any reasonable chance for the body to HEAL itself and REGENERATE. There's a lot more to proper nutrition than most people and doctors think. The average doctor literally has less than 10 hours of nutritional education and most have ZERO.

There are a few other components that vary a bit depending on the individual and whether they are participating in our in-office program or our virtual program that is done in the comfort of their own home. We get excellent results either way, although results are faster when the in-office component is also implemented.

For example, here are some of the benefits associated with Exercise with Oxygen Therapy and Whole Body Vibration Therapy.

Red Light Therapy with EWOT
EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy) has been well documented to improve the following:
  1. Energy production
  2. Circulation & Oxygenation
  3. Oxygen & Nutrient Delivery
  4. Elimination of Toxins & Waste
  5. Brain function
  6. Breathing efficiency
  7. Immune system function
  8. Recovery
  9. Sexual performance & enjoyment
  10. Sleep quality
  11. Mood & Motivation

Whole Body Vibration is another therapy that we incorporate in our in-house program and encourage in our virtual program. It provides some very impressive benefits including Boosting & Enhancing:

  1. Circulation & Oxygenation
  2. Energy levels
  3. Protein & Collagen synthesis
  4. Fat burning & cellulite reduction
  5. Immune system function
  6. Strength & Muscle mass
  7. Bone Density
  8. Balance & Mobility
  9. Detoxification & Elimination
  10. Balanced Hormonal-Endocrine function
  11. Brain, Nerve, and Nervous system function
  12. Libido, Sexual performance & enjoyment

Hopefully, this email series has helped you learn a lot more than you knew before about peripheral neuropathy and the various treatment approaches. Now would be a great time to schedule your personal exam & consultation, tour the facility, and we'll determine how to best customize a program for you.

Right now we have an introductory special, which includes your first treatment together with the exam and consultation for only $49.

As far as medical programs go, our program is pretty affordable. It's a bargain when you consider the result is the restoration of your health and life! We don't want money to be the reason you do or do not have a happy and healthy life. In the next email I'll talk a bit more about how to get started and go through the program, which is different than the conventional medical model you may be familiar with. The hardest part is deciding to commit to healing, that is up to you. We can help with all the rest.

Tomorrow: It is up to you to Reverse Neuropathy

All of HEALTH, Chronic Health Challenges, and Healing can be boiled down to the 4Ms:

The 4Ms

The Microcirculation delivers oxygen & ALL Nutrients to the cells & the Mitochondria.

The Mitochondria make almost ALL the Energy needed to run our Metabolism.

The Metabolism CONTROLS ALL Life Processes.

The Muscles are our primary Metabolic Reserve; Muscles are our primary drivers that build & preserve the Microcirculation & Mitochondria!

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