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Dr. Max MacCloud

ARTC is about supporting HEALTH by providing guidance & coaching to help you achieve your health, performance, & appearance goals.

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Mission Statement: Guiding You to Optimize Your Health, Performance, & Appearance.
Core Values: Health, Coaching, Communication, & Integrity


MBS is MyBodySymphony.com, it is the product development and manufacturing company that Doc Max set up over a dozen years ago. Having practiced in the nutrition field for so long, he grew increasingly dissatisfied with many of the products available so he started a company to develop and manufacture some of the best nutritional support products on the planet.


Age Reversal Technology Center Leadership

Dr. Max MacCloud has been on a mission to improve the health of the planet for over 50 years. As a 'husky' kid growing up in NJ, he discovered the value of exercise & proper nutrition when he was 12. Within a few months, he had transformed himself from a chunky couch potato into one of the fittest kids around placing in the top 3 in the tri-state Marin Corps Physical Fitness Challenge for High School students. He has never looked back or stopped his quest to learn everything he could about health and health enhancement.

Doc Max went on to study a diverse array of subjects as he continued his health quest. Subjects ranged from Nutrition, Psychology, Parapsychology, Exercise Physiology, Performance Enhancement, Herbology, Naturopathic Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Pharmacology, Oxidative Medicine, Detoxification Protocols, Digestive Physiology, Healthy Aging, and Anti-Aging among others. Along the way, in addition to earning his Bachelors Degree in Psychology & Parapsychology, he earned his ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine), his Ph.D. in Nutrition and Holistic Medicine, and his DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) along with many additional certifications in the previously listed areas. [np] Doc Max has practiced and continued to learn and refine his approach with no end in sight. “We are energetic, spiritual beings, and science has barely scratched the surface of being able to even grasp what that truly means nevermind to fully understand it.” In spite of this realization of how little 'we as a species' actually know, we know a lot about enhancing health BUT 'the supposed healthcare' profession as a whole is simply NOT applying that knowledge.

There has been an information explosion as well as the development of the internet that makes huge amounts of information readily available to just about everyone. That's awesome, BUT, it also brings a huge amount of misinformation and confusion along with it. Although people are shifting to a greater awareness of the importance of building health vs just fighting disease, the huge amounts of conflicting information, often intentionally promoted to confuse and distract people, has done just that, it has distracted and confused people into either inaction or going down the wrong path. [np] One of the key goals of ARTC, Dr. Max, and his avatar, The Nutrition Ninja Doc, is to help decipher the massive amounts of information out there about health, nutrition, disease, fitness, and boil them down into effective strategies, programs, and products all designed to help you achieve your health, performance, & appearance goals as efficiently as possible.

Experience: Doc Max aka The Nutrition Ninja Doc, brings 50+ years of study & direct experience to the table. He's seen hundreds of fads and new gurus & influencers come and go. He's seen what works and what doesn't. He's done deep dives into the science yet readily acknowledges that there is still a LOT to learn. In the meantime, he has endeavored to make the most effective tools, techniques, and strategies available to as many people as possible. THAT is what ARTC, NND, and MBS are all about.


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